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18th Annual Pre-Conference Workshops

October 19, 2017
8:00 AM CDT to 5:00 PM CDT
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Embassy Suites San Marcos
1001 E. McCarty Lane
San Marcos, TX 78666
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The Connected EAr - Connectivity Beyond Streaming

Time:  8:00am – 12:00pm

With primax, we delivered two clinically-proven results – better than normal hearing in challenging listeningÐ'denvironments and reduced listening effort throughout the day. primax hearing aids redefine the ease of listeningÐ'din a sophisticated and durable line of RICS, BTEs, and custom hearing aids. We proudly stay focused on delivering the leading audiological platform and our newest RIC will be the only instrument to offer True binaural features with direct streaming coupled with the best in remote support through TeleCare 2.0. Learn how we, now, take connectivity beyond streaming in another way. We use Bluetooth to enhance our audiological platform and TeleCare.  Bletooth offers live datalogging, in the HCP portal for better monitoring of the trial and objective remote fine tuning.  Also learn about the latest updates to Connexx that lead to a more precise and individualized fit result and faster hearing instrument fittings.





Presenter:  Courtney Abel, Au.D.

Time:  2pm to 4pm

In a fast paced world with patients more active and connected than ever, it’s our duty to keep up by providing a robust portfolio of hearing instruments to meet their needs.  This course covers details about newly released products including Audeo B-Direct, Virto B and CROS B custom.  Software and programming details are reviewed to promote successful patient fittings.



The Oticon Opn™ Family Continue to Expand

Presenter:  Dianne Senay, Au.D.

Time:  2pm-5pm

This presentation will provide details on the expansion of the Oticon Opn™ family of instruments in order to meet the specific requirements of more patients. The core principles used in the BrainHearing™ approach and the function of OpenSound Navigator will be highlighted as they contribute to patients’ new experiences of benefit in challenging listening environments.



Linx3 D

Presenter:  Lesley Lee, Au.D.

Time: 1pm-5pm

ReSound products are built on a foundation of audiology, design, connectivity and apps. Each of these four pillars represents a key element in how ReSound hearing aids help your patients hear naturally and effortlessly. Not only do they have top-rated sound quality and a comfortable design, your patients can now explore the endless possibilities of connecting with the world around them. In a series that began with the world’s first Made for iPhone® hearing aid, ReSound LiNX 3D™ is the newest Smart Hearing™ aid from ReSound. Hearing impaired patients will understand 40% more speech in noise and hear 80% more of what's around them while enjoying best in-class streaming and control with the new ReSound Smart 3D™ app. Join us as we learn about our newest product, our new Smart Fit software, and Smart 3D app.



The Widex DIFFERENCE is in the DETAILS

Presenter:  Fred Price

Time: 2pm – 4pm

Hearing aids need to facilitate communication by making speech signals more accessible to the listener thereby reducing the amount of effort required to decode speech. This goal of reduced cognitive listening effort, has been realized in Widex’s patented fitting rationale called Effortless Hearing

This course will review how features and processing approaches in Unique and Beyond hearing aids ensure that people with hearing loss — regardless of cognitive capability — use the least amount of effort possible to hear and communicate in all listening situations.  The Details that set these features apart from current and previous industry approaches will be discussed and demonstrated. 

Fred Price comes to Widex as a veteran of hearing healthcare, having spent more than 20 years in a variety of sales and training roles within the industry. Fred has provided clinical support, training, and sales consultation, for companies ranging from small hearing industry start-ups to some of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world. He has a passion for helping the hearing impaired and has devoted his career to helping hearing healthcare practitioners give the best possible care to their patients. Originally from North Carolina, he has a degree in communication disorders from North Carolina State University and a Master’s degree in Audiology from East Carolina University. Fred currently resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas, and is a Professional Education Manager for Widex USA.



Fitting Now Aurical PMM/HIT Course

Presenter:  Wendy Switalski, Au.D.

Time: 1pm-5pm

Studies have shown that including the use Probe Microphone Measurements (PMM) and other fitting best practices are correlated with greater levels of patient satisfaction and reduced need for follow -up visits. As hearing instrument sophistication continues to increase, this need has become even more important. Various PMM procedures will be discussed and demonstrated, including speech mapping, prescriptive target fitting, and special feature assessment. 

In addition to these techniques, additional applications will be discussed and demonstrated including frequency lowering, noise reduction, feedback management, open fitting verification, and how PMM techniques can be used to provide a smooth transition from one type of hearing instrument to a newer-generation device.


  •          Have enhanced understanding of the correlation between PMM and patient outcomes
  •          Explain the components of PMM fitting, including how and when they can be applied
  •          Describe how to accommodate open fittings and advanced adaptive signal processing into real ear measurements

Wendy Switalski is the Audiology Development Manager at Audiology Systems Inc. Prior to joining the company, Dr. Switalski owned a private audiology practice in metro-Detroit and served as a consultant to Otometrics specializing in probe microphone measurement technology. In addition to her role with Audiology Systems, she also provides quarterly pediatric hearing care in the South Pacific territory of American Samoa. Dr. Switalski holds an M.B.A. from Saginaw Valley State University and a Doctor of Audiology degree from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry School of Audiology.



Ponto 3 Family of Processors:  Proven Technology to Make Listening Easier

Presenters:  Kimberlee Griffey & Lindzee Nunez

Time:  2pm-4pm



Modern Hearing Instrument Verification:  Techniques for Delivering

Improved Patient Outcomes, Featuring the Audioscan Verifit2

Presenter:  John Pumford, Au.D.

Time:  1pm-5pm

This course with provide attendees with exposure to the Audioscan Verifit2, a multifunctional objective verification system that can be used to guide the hearing instrument fitting process. Users of existing Audioscan or other verification measurement systems, or those interested in the modern application of such systems, should find this course particularly relevant. Through a combination of presentation techniques and hands-on opportunities, attendees with learn how to fit and verify various modern hearing instrument technologies using best practice procedures, and develop strategies to effectively address common patient issues associated with the use of amplification. The approaches discussed and demonstrated can be used by attendees to illustrate their significant value in the hearing instrument provision process and support their important role in delivering effective hearing health care.

John Pumford, Au.D. is the Director of Audiology and Education at Audioscan. He received his Master of Clinical Science Degree in Communicative Disorders from the University of Western Ontario (1997) and his Doctor of Audiology degree from Salus University (2009). Prior to re-joining Audioscan, Dr. Pumford was Manager of Clinical Research at Phonak where he oversaw research and clinical activities related to extended-wear hearing aid technology. Previously, Dr. Pumford was Senior Audiologist at Unitron where he was intimately involved in the development, evaluation and support of some of the company’s most significant product advancements. Dr. Pumford has held clinical audiology positions in both hospital and private practice settings and has also worked as a research audiologist at the National Centre for Audiology (in London, Canada) where he participated in published research projects involving directional microphones, compression processing and the Desired Sensation Level (DSL) method. Dr. Pumford has presented internationally on various topics including the DSL method, hearing aid technologies and real-ear measurement and has authored/co-authored a number of research studies and articles in these areas.


UNITRON – Placido Boardroom

Experience Innovations

Presenters:  Sarah Schmidt, AuD

Time:  1pm-5pm

Course Description:

Patients are more engaged than ever in their healthcare decisions.  Unitron offers a portfolio of industry-first tools that are ideal for this new generation of patients.  Participants will engage in a half-day workshop, receiving hands-on training in the use of Flex:trial, Flex:upgrade, Log It All and Patient Ratings in their clinic.  Participants will learn strategies on how to talk about Flex with their patients and how to use the information from Log It All to facilitate the recommendation of appropriate technology for their patients. Lastly, participants will review some of the other tools available to clinicians through the Unitron TrueFit fitting software that can help them round out the overall patient experience in their clinics.

Learner Outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1.        Describe a process for using Flex:trial in their clinical routine
  2.        Describe a process for using Flex:upgrade in their clinical routine.
  3.        Demonstrate a method to describe Flex:trial and Flex:upgrade to their patients
  4.        Demonstrate the steps to perform a Flex technology change in the TrueFit fitting software
  5.        Recommend a level of hearing instrument technology to a patient, using the patient’s Log It All data
  6.        Identify a patient profile that would be a candidate for using Patient Ratings
  7.        Demonstrate the process to enable Patient Ratings in a fitting.

Sarah Schmidt, AuD is a senior regional trainer at Unitron. She joined the Unitron team in 2012 after graduating from Washington University in Saint Louis with her doctorate in Audiology. Previously, Sarah worked at the Saint Louis University hospital audiology clinic where she diagnosed and fit patients with amplification. As a senior trainer, Sarah conducts online training courses, university trainings, and regional seminars. She primarily provides support for customers in the Midwest. Having collaborated with physicians, audiologists, and other hearing health care professionals, she values the importance of quality patient experience.


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