About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the Texas Academy of Audiology is to serve audiologists and individuals with auditory and balance disorders by promoting excellence, ethics, and education. Our fundamental objectives are to advance:

  1. The excellence of audiology services. 

  2. The highest ethical standards of practice and conduct for audiologists.

  3. The preeminence of audiology as a profession through outstanding educational programs for audiologists and the public.

History and Formation of the Texas Academy of Audiology

The following press release was issued by the Texas Academy of Audiology in 2000:

Austin, TX, June 10th 2000 — A group of Texas audiologists convened in June to form the Texas Academy of Audiology (TAA). The effort was spearheaded by James Jerger, Susan Jerger, Ross Roeser, Deb Carlson, Todd and Jane Porter, Kate Hengstenberg and Steve Miller.

Articles of incorporation were filed establishing TAA as a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization. Chairperson Carlson led a discussion to set long-term goals for the organization which resulted in targeting three primary areas:

  • Promote excellence of audiological services for all Texans;

  • Promote the highest ethical standards, and

  • Promote audiology as a profession through outstanding educational and informational forums.

An eight-member executive committee with six regional contacts were elected, and TAA will meet on Nov. 11 at the Adams Mark Hotel in Dallas.

Front row, right to left: Matt Lyon, finance administrator; Deb Carlson, chairperson; Bill Beck, educational coordinator; Janet Krueger, secretary; Kathy Saucedo, regional coordinator; Irene Jones and Mani Anguilar, communication & membership coordinators and Todd Porter, legislative coordinator.